About Us

We are digital marketing specialists, copywriters, content marketing specialists, media consultants, traffic generation professionals, and advertising specialists.



We know our market: Philanthropists and those that need them.  We specialize in being the leading connecting agent, helping to connect those social influencers (who are passionate about causes like helping widows, empowering orphans, and uplifting veterans), and we connect them with those that need them.


Thru our many successful lead generation campaigns, we get results!  Causes that need funding, get funded.  Orphans that need resources, get resources.  Widows that need encouragement, get encouragement.  We create results!


Whether you are launching a new charity or nonprofit, whether you are hosting an event, or whether you are launching a new groundbreaking book, we can help you!



We are a veteran-owned and operated company located in San Antonio, Texas.  Whether it’s self-publishing, defending orphans in court, standing in the gap for social workers, or ministering in local churches, we’ve done it!  We understand that our philanthropists struggle with:



-Coming up with Marketing Campaigns

-and, Getting access to the market that needs them


Building on our expertise, we help create marketing and advertising campaigns to help philanthropists access the market that needs them and connect those under privileged markets with the resources that service them best.  We meet with our clients, assess their needs, and customize a lead generation plan to achieve their goals.




KOHA Global is a nonprofit organization created to serve underprivileged populations and those that want to serve them.  If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Tiffany Domena, Founder