How We Use Our Funding

We are a new nonprofit (started in early 2017).  However, we’d love to be able to start meeting the needs in our community!


The funding that you provide to KOHA Global will be used to:


  • Offer financial aid to foster and adoptive families
  • Give financial aid to Veterans in need and Community helpers (firefighters, police, teachers)
  • Give financial aid to Widows
  • Create products, programs, and services to serve orphans, widows, veterans, and community helpers
  • To provide scholarships to our orphans, widows, veterans, and community helpers
  • To pay for advertising to inform people about our campaigns
  • Cover expenses such as email marketing, web hosting, and other minimal administrative costs
  • Grow a staff of writers, advertisers, and Volunteer coordinators: starting one-at-a-time and expanding to meet the growing need


As we have income to speak about, we will be VERY transparent with our income reports, so you can see where your funding is going.  We’ll be publishing income reports here.


In addition to donations and pledges from patrons, we’ll be getting income from affiliate marketing, ad revenue, product and service sales, and other opportunities as they present themselves.  Therefore, you can support us thru donations, pledges, advertising, visiting our sites, or sales!  We’d greatly appreciate your support (even if it’s simply by stopping by and reading regularly).


If you are interested in helping us take this cause forward, CONTACT US!


You’re our push to work forward on this cause.  Right now, I (Tiffany Domena) work mostly on this site alone and sometimes with the help of hired contractors. I fund it out of profit from KOHA Inc..  Since KOHA Global and KOHA Inc. are both very new companies (being started in 2017) with no additional investors aside from customer sales, resources are limited.


However, I’d love to work with patrons, donors, and volunteers.  I’d love to grow a staff, and make a sizeable dent in our world: empowering orphans, widows, community helpers, and those that love them.


Complete the Contact Form Below if you’re interested in getting on board!  Let me know how you’d like to collaborate or serve.