Love For Widows

Love for widows is an organization created to provide companionship, empowerment, and encouragement to the population of those who’ve lost a spouse.  We offer financial aid, articles, and community companionship to widows.  We also collaborate with other service providers to offer additional support to the widow population.




Our target audience consists of men and women typically 18+ who have lost a loved one, and those who want to serve them.  Thru Love for Widows, we’re able to provide a voice of encouragement, collaborate, send care packages, and create product and services to enrich the community of widows.




Mrs. Jones was married for 20 years to her high school sweetheart when he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.  He died quickly and unexpectedly, and he did not have life insurance.  She was left as a widow of three under-age children.


When her husband was alive, he was the primary “bread winner”, and Mrs. Jones didn’t have to work.  When her husband passed away, she was left abruptly to mourn the loss and determine how she would provide for herself and three children.


Your support of KOHA Global can enable us to serve millions of widows like Mrs. Jones who may not have the provisions to care for themselves or responsibilities they were left with.




The Williams family is a middle class family who loves to volunteer and donate to charitable organizations.  Their spiritual background inspires them to give and serve.  They influence buying and giving decisions in their local schools, churches, and community organizations.


They experience alot of love and companionship in their family, and can’t imagine life without one another.  They’ve seen that widows struggle to find people to manicure their lawns, make home repairs, and sometimes, they just need collaboration.  The Williams family enjoys being informed by Love for Widows, so they can know how to give or serve to help in the community.




Mr. Hondo is a successful entrepreneur who has been very disciplined financially.  Thru his business, he’s acquired lots of wealth and feels that it’s time to help others.  His mom was a widow for many years and he can remember how painful the experience of losing his dad was for her.


He loves to support organizations that help widows to pay-it-forward on behalf of his mom.




We’re able to pair people like Mrs. Jones who is in a dire situation with people like The Williams family or Mr. Hondo.  They can donate or patronize KOHA Global, and we can distribute the funding to those in need.  Visit Love for Widows to check it out HERE.


If you’re curious how we can accomplish these things, check out How We Use Our Funding HERE. and if you’re interested in supporting us CONTACT US HERE.